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Telloutback – Win $1000 Cash on Telloutback Survey

Jan 182018

If you are the steak lovers, you will be familiar with Outback Steakhouse. Outback is one of the steak specialists in Australia. If you have finished Outback steakhouse, don’t forget to give your review on Telloutback or Telloutback Survey and win $1000 cash immediately. By the way, how is your opinion about your last visit to Outback?

About Telloutback

As the others fast food chain around the world, online survey method nowadays becomes so popular. This online survey aims to get closer to the customers beside it can give the strong support to restaurant’s performance. The customer’s support is shown by the customer’s willingness in giving feedback, review, or recommendation by the online survey. Later, the recommendation can give the excellent input to restaurant management to create the better food court.

For its purposes, Outback Steakhouse also tries to provide the online survey. It is well-known as Telloutback. Telloutback Survey can be freely accessed on It is the online survey platform. Outback’s management is so curious about customer’s opinion and recommendation about Outback’s performances. All the good or bad opinion later can be the material to the management to be discussed and prepare for the future issues that maybe will impact the outback’s income.

Telloutback Survey also offers the wonderful reward to all the survey’s participant. It is the kind of appreciation that the management gave to all its customers. This online survey has prepared $1000 cash to all the winners. Do you interest to grab that reward? Read the following instruction below:


Rules in Telloutback Survey

When you want to apply your survey on www telloutback com survey, you have to make sure in some things bellow. It is the requirement for applying the online survey.

a. First, you are minimum 18 years old; higher is better.
b. Second, you are not Outback’s employee and also its family, you have to be the real customer.
c. Third, you have the latest receipt of the visit. The receipt is not more than three days of the visit.
Are you qualified for that requirement? If it is yes, let’s go to the next chapter and finish your online survey.

Preparation for Telloutback

Before you give your review or recommendation about Outback Steakhouse, it’s better to you to prepare some of the necessities, such as:

1. Prepare your available Laptop, PC, or Smart Phone.
2. Prepare your internet connection
3. Prepare your last receipt on Outback Steakhouse
4. Prepare a pen or pencil

Steps on Telloutback Survey

After all of your necessities are ready, you may start your online survey, follow these following instructions:

1. First of all, go to official website survey address on
2. Second of all, enter the survey code. It is available in the middle of your receipt. The platform needs around 18 digit numbers.
3. Third of all, you should answer all the question rating honestly based on your own experience with Outback. The question is like-scale types and consists of some statement. The statement is about the food’s quality, workers’ manner, the regularity, and the customer’s impression about Outback Steakhouse.
4. Forth of all, you have to submit your recommendation and don’t forget to leave your identity. It’s better for you to state clearly.
5. The fifth of all, you may enter the Outback Sweepstakes. This sweepstake will be chosen randomly, and you get a chance to win $1000 cash.
6. Sixth of all, after you complete your survey, you will get the Coupon Code on your screen. You have to directly write in on your last receipt. Then, on your next visit, you should show that coupon to the waitress, and you will get many discounts on your orders.

Rewards on Telloutback Survey

As the big appreciation to all the Outback’s customers, the Outback Steakhouse offers the great rewards. After completing the online survey, the customers can exchange the coupon code to all the Outback restaurant. They will get some discounts on their orders. In a special sweepstake, the customer also has a chance to the grand prize reward, $2000 cash. It is such a wonderful reward!

About Outback Steakhouse

The team worked built Outback Steakhouse in 1998. They are Tim Gannon, Chris T Sullivan, Bob Basham, and Trudy Cooper. This is a kind of Chains restaurant in Australia that serves all the meat fickle and steak. This restaurant is the success and now its expansion through 23 countries such as America, Asia, and Australia. There are around 12000 restaurants in those countries. Outback Steakhouse spoils the customers with some of the special menus. The special menu is a kind if Aussie style meals such as Blooming Onion and Crispy Calamari. How delicious it is!

Contact Person of Outback Steakhouse

There is some available contact person of Outback Steakhouse, read the information below:

1. Website address:
2. Contact number : (877) 625-5786
3. Fax number : (813) 387-8995.
4. Email Address: or



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