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Talktowendys – Fill a Wendys Survey and Get $2 Coupon from Wendys Store

Dec 112017

Hello everyone!

Nowadays, people often choose something simple, especially for food. Got a half hour break? Wendys could be the best option for your meal. The best thing is, Wendys provides you with a survey called Talktowendys to tell them your opinion about the products, service, and price.

About Talktowendys

Talk to Wendys is an online survey for its customers. Wendy’s wants to know your candid feedback Wendys restaurants you have visited. Wendys has already provided $2 coupon for those who complete the survey. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Things You Need for Talktowendys Customer Satisfaction Survey

Since the restaurant doesn’t provide you with Wendys survey paper or online page, it means you have to prepare all things your own. Don’t worry, you just need several common things to get yourself join the survey. Here are the things you will need:

• A Computer

Since this is an online survey, you will need a computer or any device which can connect you to the survey page. If you don’t have a computer, then you can use your smartphone.

• Internet Connection

Without this, you would not be able to access the survey page. Get an internet connection from your own data, tethering from other devices, or get a free Wi-Fi could be good options.

• Recent Wendys Receipt

This is the last thing you need to get you there. Since the survey is only for customers, it means you have to purchase any product from Wendys first before participating in the online survey. You need the receipt because there is a Talktowendys survey code printed in it.

Correct Steps to Fill the Talktowendys Guest Satisfaction Survey

Actually, there are no specific steps to fill the survey. Just in case you doubt something than you can follow these steps.

• Visit the Survey Page

Open your laptop or whatever your device is and go to That is the official website of the survey. It is better for you to just click on the link mentioned in order to avoid a typo.

• Choose a Language

After that, you may choose one language you understand the most. The website offers you with two languages which are English, French, and Spanish.

• Click Take Survey

Then, you can click “take survey”

• Type down a Wendys Store Number

The store number is printed on your receipt, just check it and type it down.

• Fill a Date

The Date must be you’re the day you visited Wendys in that receipt.

• Answer Talktowendys Questions

Answer all question honestly based on your opinion about Wendys. The questions are about the service, products, and probably price as well. 

• Go to Wendys Sweepstakes page

This page is the page that will give you $2 coupon. You just need to fill all information needed in order to get that coupon. They will ask your complete name, address, email, and your phone number.

• Receive Talktowendys $2 Coupon

After that, you will receive a unique code for $2 coupon. Type it down or take a picture of it until Wendy’s team contacts you.

About Wendys Restaurant

You may have already visited many Wendy’s restaurants, however, it only has one headquarter which is located in Ohio, US. Wendys was a pioneer among other fast food restaurants and now has grown up to more than 6 thousand restaurants all over the world. The CEO of Wendys is Dave Thomas.

Wendys also provides you with a great feature called “Wendys Restaurants Locator” on their official website at From there, you can browse where the nearest Wendys stores from your current location. This is one of the best features on the website, especially when you are new in a certain area.

Wendys Menus

The menus of fast food restaurants are usually similar from one to others. However, in every fast food restaurant has their character. For me, Wendys could be the best choice when I am looking for fresh vegetables and sandwich. Wendys also sells delicious fried chicken and various burgers as well. How about drinks? Well, don’t worry, because they have various drinks which can fresh your mind such as soda, coffee, and milk You can also search your favorite Wendys menus on their official website.

Wendys Customer Service

There are three options you can choose to contact Wendy's customer service. Contact them through a phone, write a letter to Wendy's address, or having a live chat with them.

• Wendys Phone Number
The number is 888 624 8140. You have to follow the steps in order to use this feature correctly. There would be instructions after you dialed the number.

• Wendys Live Chat
There are two social media you can use to get in touch more with Wendys. Wendy's Facebook is And Wendy's twitter is In some cases, you can have a live chat with them and explain your problems or anything.

• Wendy’s Office Address
Do you want to send a letter? Yes, you can send your letter to One Dave Thomas Boulevard., Dublin, Ohio 43017, United States. That is the official office address of Wendys

Alright, hopefully, this short information can help you to get $2 Talktowendys coupon from Wendys and get to know more about Wendys. Fill the survey now! Good luck!


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