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How to Write A Good Article for Websites (Smart Tips and Tricks 2018)

Feb 082018

Do you love writing an article? How good you can write an article and attract readers? If you want to enhance the quality of your writing, you need to find some tips. Indeed, you need some strategies and tricks in writing the articles, especially for your website. There will be some considerations you need to take. They are such as the font, the display, the format, and the overall writing style. Here you go!

  • Tip #1: Know The Content

At the beginning, you can start to find a topic you want to write. For example, you may find it exciting to write about pets. It will be nice if you know general information about pets. They are such as the type, the unique sides, and so on based on which part you want to dig more. If you cannot understand your own writing, you should not expect anyone to understand it for you.


It will be great if you make a mind mapping about the topic you are writing for. You can start to write a good opening that most people experience it. For example, you can share your brief funny experience having a pet. And, you can go to the point of the topic of your article. The opening here is powerful as it catch the readers. Once they find it not interesting, they will tend to ignore your article, moreover your website.

  • Tip #2: Make it Understandable

Sometimes, you may understand the content you write. But, you cannot make it understandable for your readers. Just so you know, if you cannot explain your content to kids, it indicates that you do not understand the material. Therefore, you need to use the language that is easy to understand, especially for kids.

You can use a communicative language and put the readers as a part of your article. You can use the pronoun “you” or “we”. The article that uses a communicative language will attract the readers to read more. They will find it interesting as they are a part of it. it will be much better if you use readability tools to check your article. Also, you can try to check your grammar just in case you make certain mistakes in writing.

  • Tip #3: Make it Eye Catching

The last tip you can try is to make your article eye-catching as you need readers to boost your website. One of the best ways that you can try is by inputting bullet points as the main keywords of your content. No doubt, it will help the readers to understand the points you are going to explain at glance. The readers can get a clue about what they are going to read for the next and it is great. It is like a power point presentation that you input on your slides while the rest is the content of the article.

Also, you can use an impressive font and it will be best if you avoid using times new roman. It is because this font is a common one most people used it for formal writing. You can use comic sans and other stylish fonts that can attract the readers. But, you need to be sure that the font is not only beautiful, but also easy to read. Just so you know, some of beautiful fonts will take a while to read.

And, it is all about the best tips in writing a good article. You can start to practice writing your article using the tips mentioned above. Keep writing positive things and best luck with your cool website! If you want to read more tips, you can visit


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