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Dgcustomerfirst – Use the Survey Invitation Code to get $1000 Cash

Jan 272018

About Dollar General

Dollar General is the largest retail store which offers the household appliances. This store has more than 14000 branches in almost all regions in the United States. At least, Dollar General Market locations are available in more than 40 regions in the USA.

About Dgcustomerfirst

Dollar General Satisfaction First Survey is such as the online portal of DG’s survey. In general, this site is a free space for the customers to give their reviews and feedback. Well, they will face some statements which offer some assessment of Dollar General’s performance. The customers can rate and even write down their suggestion or complaints. For further information about it, you may site in dgcustomerfirst.


The qualifications in Dgcustomerfirst

The qualifications in Dgcustomerfirst are:

• The participants should be able to understand the basic of English or Spanish.
• The sake of survey invitation code is very needed in this online survey portal.
• The participants may use computer, tablet, or mobile phone with a stable internet connection.
• The participant must be at least 18 years old customers. If they are under 28 years old, they may ask their older siblings to take part in this survey.
• Dgcustomerfirst is available for United States’ resident.
• Dollar General’s workers cannot join in Dg Customer First Survey. This qualification is even available for their family.

The ways to join in Dgcustomerfirst

There are some ways to join in Dgcustomerfirst. But, the customers should not be worry because the ways are not complicated. The ways to join in Dgcustomerfirst are:

• The first (1) way:
In the beginning section, you may visit Dollar General main website. In this case, you may visit Then, you may choose the languages between English or Spanish.
• The second (2) way:
Then, you may give the information about the store number of your current visit. Besides, you may also give the information about the date and hour of the visit.
• The third (3) way:
After that, you may input the survey invitation code. In this occasion, you may make sure that you give the number in a right way and detail.
• The fourth (4) way:
This section becomes the main importance of the survey. In this section, you may rate some statements. There are some like-scale statements which show the customers’ satisfaction. Then, you may rate from one up to five range to measure your satisfaction.
• The fifth (5) way:
Then, you may explore your answer in this section. Here, you may give the detailed explanation about the problems that you ever face. Also, you may give the recommendations to increase the DG’s performance.
• The sixth (6) way:
Afterward, you may give your personal information including name, email, and phone numbers. In this occasion, you need to make sure that you give the information in detail.
• The seventh (7) way:
For the last section, you may finish your review by clicking on “Submit” button. Here, DG’s management will read your review and decide the best winner.
• The eight (8) way:
If you see the reward number appears on your screen, you may write it down on your receipt and redeem it on your next visit.

The reward from Dgcustomerfirst

You will get an opportunity to get $1000 cash. But, if you are not lucky enough to get the grand prize, you will get the opportunity to get a free discount around $2 or $5 in your next shopping.

The rules to redeem the reward

The rules to redeem the reward from Dgcustomerfirst are:

• The first: you have to redeem your reward in not more than 30 days of the survey.
• The second: The reward code is available for one visit per one customer.
• The third: you cannot give your reward coupon to the other customers.


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