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How to Eat for Free at Famous Fast Food Restaurants in 2018?

Jan 122018

Having the best meal at fast food restaurants can be pleasing as long as you have money. In this case, you can treat your close friends or just ask them to go dutch. But, having no money left to buy food is so ironic! If you can eat for free, then why you should pay? Start to take Checkers and Rally’s GuestObessed Survey Program now. You will get GuestObessed Validation Code that you can redeem for Checkers and Rally’s sandwich. The more you participate in Checkers and Rally’s Surveys, the more free sandwiches you are going to earn.

About Checkers and Rally’s GuestObessed Feedback Experience Survey

Alright! The very first thing that you need to know is the survey itself. For information, GuestObessed is an online guest satisfaction survey program coming from Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. The goal is the same as other surveys, in general, that is to know whether the customers are satisfied with the service. The disappointed customers will find a place to speak their mind. Unlike tweeting on Twitter, you will find the web is very useful as Checkers and Rally’s team read it.


For the next, the team they will find a solution for all problems faced by customers. And if you think it is helpful, you can access Guest Obessed Survey at You can finish the survey for about less than seven minutes. The restaurant welcomes all Checkers and Rallys customers to participate in the survey. As long as you have recent Checkers and Rallys 2018 receipt, you can pass the GuestObessed Survey Login Portal.

Step by Step for Checkers and Rally’s GuestObessed Survey Guide

As you can see, there are some steps that you need to know for Checkers and Rally’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. Here is the GuestObessed Survey instructions that you can follow:

Step 1

At the beginning of the process, you must get an electronic device ready. It can be your best laptop, computer, or even tab or mobile phone. Then, you can launch the internet browser to access Survey. it is the Checkers and Rally’s Survey official site.

Step 2

Then, it is the time for you to enter the GuestObessed login portal. There will be some data that you have to input to reach the Checkers and Rally’s Survey page. They are such as Checkers and Rallys 4 digit store number, as well as date and time of the store visit. You should make sure that all data you input is correct. Otherwise, you will have to repeat inputting the Checkers and Rally’s store number again.

Step 3

After inputting the entire data needed, it is your time to answer GuestObessed questions. Yes, they will ask how your last visit experience when you visit Checkers and Rally’s store. Whether it is negative or positive Checkers and Rally’s feedback and comments, the restaurant team will welcome us.

Step 4

For the next, you will find an open GuestObessed question. You can either skip it or write down your opinion about Checkers and Rally’s store you visited. Whatever the answer is, it does not give impacts your Guest Obessed Survey prizes and rewards.

Step 5

As promised for the first time, you will get Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code or how people call it as Checkers and Rally’s Coupon Code. Go to write the GuestObessed Validation Code on the Checkers and Rally’s receipt you have. For the easiest way, you can take a picture or print out the code.

Step 6

The last step is about how to redeem Guest Obessed coupon code. Simply, you can go to the Nearest Checkers and Rally’s Store location. Search Checkers and Rally’s Near Me on Google Map and it will show the results for Checkers and Rally’s Nearest Locations. Check the Checkers and Rally’s hours of operation as one store to another will be different. Once you decide the store you want to go, you can just go on and bring the receipt and Checkers and Rally’s coupon code with you.

How to Contact Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obessed Survey Team?

You are in the middle of the process of completing the survey and the page says that the server is busy. Well, you cannot fix the troubles when it is about the restaurant side. Simply, you can just contact Checkers and Rally’s customer service team phone number at 1 800 800 8072.

You may also try to write a letter and send it to Checkers and Rally’s Postal Mailing address. it is Checkers and Rally’s Incorporate at 4300 West Cypress St Suite 600. The office is right in Tampa, Florida 33606, United States. It will be cool also if you visit the Checkers and Rallys website at or

So, that is how to eat for free at Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. Never forget to always take benefits of being a Checkers and Rally’s customers. Happy participating GuestObessed Survey and get the most delicious sandwich!

Top Burger Chains and their Best Menu

Dec 192017

If we talk about American food, the burger will come across in our mind. Hamburger cannot be separated from American as like blue jeans, country music, and baseball. It is because whenever we go, we will find many burger chains everywhere. Although the health experts say that burger is a junk food, this kind of food never loses its fans. A large number of people still consume burger every day. For them, the burger is not only delicious but also cheap. That is why they cannot stop eating this food. As a result, the development of burger chains seems increasing day by day.

Nowadays, you will not be difficult to find the fast-food outlets which serve the burger. Most of the fast-food restaurants always provide burger in their menu. Each restaurant offers the unique burgers. This way, you will have the various choices. Some of the fast-food chains also offer the low-calories burger. This way, the customers will not throw their diet off track. They still can maintain their healthy diet even they consume this fast food. In fact, you do not need to worry about the calories intake from the burger you eat if your concern about the ingredients. For instance, you use the grilled chicken as well as the vegetables as the topping.Then, you can also order the reasonable size of bun without cheese. This way, you can control the carbo and calories.


In order to make sure what the burger contains, you should visit the website of every fast-food outlet you visit. For instance, if you want to know the nutrition in your Big Mac, you have to visit the official site of McDonald's. Besides, if you want to find out the nutrition facts about Whopper Burger, you need to visit Burger King Official Site. This way, you can consider which burger you should order. In contrast, for the people that do not concern to their diet, they will order the burger which they consider as the most delicious. Sometimes, ordering the burger with single patty is not enough. They may prefer the burger with double patties and cheese. So, according to the burger lovers, what are their favorite burger chains? Here we list down the most popular burger restaurant chains in the US.

• Burger King.
Implied by its name, Burger King is the leading burger chain in the US. This company has the big competitors such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s. But, Burger King can survive since it has the signature burger called Whopper. It is undeniable that Burger King Whopper sandwich is the America’s Favorite Burger. When you first try this burger, you will get surprised with the mega-sized sandwich. But, if you want the bigger burger, you should try Double Whopper or Triple Whopper sandwich.

You should notice that the bigger the burger is, the more fat and calories are contained. So, you must be wise to pick the menu item in Burger King. As the solution, you can order Whopper Jr. This way you can save 350 calories. Also, to minimize the calory intake, you should order your burger without mayo. As a result, you can enjoy the healthy choice but still delicious burger.

To collect the customers’ opinion about the menu, Burger King offers a customer survey named MyBK experience. If you want to give your comment about Whopper or other menu items, you can take MyBKexperience survey. Burger King survey also lets you give your suggestion or complaints. By providing this survey, Burger King can evaluate the restaurant’s performance. Also, Burger King also can assess the customers’ satisfaction.

• Carl’s Jr.
Carl’s Jr or also known as CJ is very popular in the California as well as Alaska. Most of the Carl’s Jr customers adore Bacon Ranch Fries. Besides, another favorite menu at Carl’s Jr is Original Six Dollar ThickBurger. Since this burger is thick and big, it contains 830 calories. Then, it also contains 51 grams fat. So, if you are on diet program, you should avoid ordering this burger. But, if you do not concern to the calory intake, spending six dollars for this thick burger is worthy. Unlike other fast-food burgers which is full of MSG additive, this CJ burger contains less gourmet.

Moreover, you can try another burger from Carl’s Jr. Western bacon CheeseBurger is also the favorite burger in CJ. This cheeseburger contains 750 calories and 35 grams fat. So, it contains fewer calories than the original six dollar burger. Have you tried these two burgers? In fact, you can reduce the calories in these burgers if you skip the bacon and the fried onion rings.

After enjoying the tasty burger from CJ, you should try to participate in Carl’s Jr survey. So, you can express your review about the Six Dollar Thickburger and Bacon CheeseBurger. Besides, you can give your feedback about Carl’s Jr restaurant as well.

• Culvers.
The most recommended menu item from Culver’s is Butter Burger. No doubt, the rest of the US loves this menu so much. Why is this Culver’s Butter Burger is very popular? It is because the buttered bun is lightly toasted. Besides, Culver’s always uses the real butter to crisp up the bun. This way, Culver’s bun has the nice brown color. Furthermore, Culver’s also uses 100% beef patties. With the best ingredient, Culver’s can maintain the quality of the menu.

Besides, this burger chain also has Culvers Survey to collect the customer's feedback. Taking part in Culver’s survey allows you to speak up freely about Culver’s menu and service. Then, you can give your suggestions to make Culver’s better.

• McDonald’s.
Who does not know this burger chain? McDonald’s is so popular that it can be found in every country worldwide. Can you guess what is the most recommended burger in McDonald’s? Yes, the answer is Big Mac. But, you can try another menu item such as Quarter Pounder with Cheese. This burger including the topping contains 530 calories and 27 grams fat. Besides, it also contains 41 grams carbs and 31 grams protein.

In order to tell your review about McDonald’s menu, you should involve in McDvoice. McDvoice is a kind of online customer survey. This survey is the strategy of McDonald’s to find out what the customers think about their restaurant. So, by reviewing the result of McDvoice, McDonald’s can decide the best strategy in order to improve their restaurant quality.

• Wendy’s.
The performance of Wendy’s in the fast food market is unstoppable. With its favorite menu item, Wendy’s Dave Single, Wendy’s can compete with other fast-food outlets. Wendy’s Dave Single has two slices of cheese. Then, per burger contains 570 calories and 34 grams fat. Besides, it also contains 39 carbs and 30 grams protein. Wendy’s Dave Single becomes one of the favorite burgers in the US since it uses the fresh ground beef as the patty. Since this burger has the high level of calories, you should skip ordering fries as the side dish. As the alternative, you can order the side salad or mandarin orange cup. This way, you can boost the fiber in the menu you order.

After enjoying Wendy’s Dave Single, you should take TalktoWendys survey. This survey is also known as Wendyswantstoknow. When you take this survey, you can get a chance to tell what comes in your mind about Wendy’s. For instance, you can complain Wendy’s store crews. Besides, you can review the menu you order in Wendy’s outlet as well.

• Whataburger.
Whataburger dominates the fast-food market in Texas. Besides, it also dominates in Southern of the US. The most recommended menu item in Whataburger is the Original Whataburger. This burger has the single patty along with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. Besides, Whataburger is different from other fast-food outlets since it offers customization burger. So, the customers can customize their burger. For instance, they want double patties on their burger. Furthermore, they can skip the cheese, mayo, or other ingredients. Moreover, the customers also can choose whether they want the toasted bun or not. With this marketing strategy, Whataburger can maintain the customers’ satisfaction. It is because they customers can enjoy the burger what they want.

As like other burger chains, Whataburger also creates a customer survey. The customers can find the invitation to take Whataburger Survey on their receipt. You can get the double benefits when you participate in Whataburger survey. First, you can express Whataburger feedback. Besides, you can get a Whataburger coupon as the survey reward.

Those are six burger chains which are the most popular in the US. We cannot decide which chain serves the most delicious burger. It is because everyone may taste it different. So, to decide which burger is the best, you have to try to visit the burger chains above one by one. After trying their burgers, you should not forget to take part in their guest satisfaction surveys. You should access keliamoniz to find out the guideline to complete the surveys from the burger chains above. As the example, offers the complete information about Whataburger survey, TalktoWendys, Culvers survey, McDvoice, and MyBKexperience.


Get Free Foods, Discounts, Cash & More Benefits from Famous Restaurants!

Nov 302017

Hello fellas!

It is a wonderful day but we do not have an idea what to do next? Well, we can visit MabelAndZora, a pleasing website that will offer us some benefits. They are such as free meals, discounts off, and even we can get cash! We must think that the website is daydreaming as no website will reward us without reasons. But, we are wrong because MabelAndZora is a website that contains guidelines. It will guide us on how to take customer satisfaction surveys at famous restaurants.

The restaurant can be Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominos, and many other else. If we are familiar with those restaurants, and we used to make visits, we must be lucky. It is because we can take benefits from a single receipt that we got when we made transactions. For instance, we can visit for McDonald’s survey. Or maybe, we can visit for Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins customer survey. All guest satisfaction surveys here offer us to enter the sweepstakes to win grand prizes and rewards. MabelAndZora is an interesting website!

Alright, here are some rewards and prizes that we can get if we visit MabelAndZora. Make sure we open and read the articles to win the prizes. They are:

MabelAndZora Prize #1: Cash and Gift Cards


At, we can find some articles that will grand us fresh money or gift cards. Yes, we can win the prizes by taking the customer satisfaction surveys complete with the sweepstakes. Starting from $2 to $1,000 cash, we can explore MabelAndZora articles to win all prizes. Here are the details of the prizes that we can win from each survey. We can visit the website and open the article with the following topics here. They are:

• GCListens Customer Survey  We can win $1,000 cash for daily sweepstakes and $1,500 weekly prizes
• MoeGottoKnow Survey  This Grill restaurant offers us $2 if we take the customer satisfaction survey
• TellTheBell Survey  This Mexican restaurant will give us a chance to win $500 and an iPad
• DennyListen Survey  You can win $1,000 cash from the sweepstakes

Well, we cannot mention every single customer satisfaction survey that offers money here. The only thing we can guarantee here is that the surveys and sweepstakes information is up to date. Everything is based on 2017 information and we have to be fast to grab the information and take part.

MabelAndZora Prize #: Free Foods & Beverages

We may find out that money and cash prizes are not interesting. But, we must have no power to avoid free meals such as free ice creams, donuts, or even pizza. Again and again, we can start to visit MabelAndZora website. We can dig the information about free foods in 2017. Here are some of the topics that we can find at MabelAndZora that offers these pleasing foods and beverages for free. They are:

• TellDunkinBaskin Customer Survey  This Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins will make us choose whether we want to get free ice cream or free donuts. Why don’t we take two surveys then?
• PandaExpress Guest Survey  This restaurant becomes the best place where we can give feedback and we get free meals as the rewards
• GuestObessed Customer Satisfaction Survey  Who does not love a sandwich with beef and spicy ketchup inside it? And who does not want a free delicious sandwich from Checkers and Rally’s?
• MyBKExperience Survey  One of the best menu at Burger King is the whopper that is tasteful. If we want to get a free whopper, we can take the customer survey held by the Burger King team
• PapaJohnsSurvey  When it comes to pizza, we must love it. Papa Johns now offer us a delicious pizza that we can get after we take the customer satisfaction survey

There are still other articles explaining the free foods and beverages. Without a doubt, those satisfaction survey will be helpful if we want to enjoy free items. Whenever we want to take something for free, MabelAndZora is the answer!

MabelAndZora Prize #3: Discounts Off

Alright, we have gained cash, gift cards, and free meals. And if these pleasing things are not enough for us, we can start to take more restaurant satisfaction surveys. For our information, we can win some discounts that we can use for the next visit. All that we should do now is to visit MabelAndZora, and find some articles about:

• PapaSurvey  This pizza restaurant will offer us some discounts when we visit the restaurant after we take the customer survey
• TalkToWendys  Wendys wants to know whether the customers are satisfied with the products and services. The restaurants offer some interesting discounts that we can get if we take TalktoWendys customer satisfaction survey
• SmoothieKingFeedback survey  This healthy restaurant has offered cash for the sweepstakes and it also offers us discounts off. We can enjoy the healthy beverages and take the survey to get the discount coupon

Too many to mention, we can directly go to and find out what we can get from the restaurants that we used to visit. We should make it fast to open our laptop and access this website. It is because every promotion of customer satisfaction survey and the sweepstakes has an expired date. We will regret it if we take too long and realizing that the promotions are no longer valid.

We do not have to worry about the complicated steps that we have to take the customer surveys. MabelAndZora has the answer for this problem. We can open its customer surveys steps tutorial video and follow the steps. The videos here have sounds that we can listen to while taking the surveys. We will not get confused as the videos explain every step in detail. Overall, we can say that MabelAndZora is the best customer satisfaction survey guide center. Make a visit now and win all prizes and be rich!


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